Five Reasons to Consider a Concrete Parking Lot for Your Business

Five Reasons to Consider a Concrete Parking Lot for Your Business

Here's Why You Should Consider Getting a Concrete Parking Lot

A concrete parking lot can give you a ton of benefits you would've never imagined. Find out why you should have one here!

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Due to the rising cost of oil and the use of improved techniques in the oil refining industry, a concrete parking lot is less expensive than asphalt.

Asphalt is the material of choice for 90% of parking lots in the United States according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association. Asphalt is made from the residue of crude oil used in gasoline production.

Although the up-front cost for concrete parking lots is greater, the cost over the long-term is much less. Asphalt lots end up being more expensive because of the high maintenance costs.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Asphalt requires yearly maintenance which includes sealing cracks. The entire surface will need resealed every two to three year. Depending on traffic, it could need to be sealed more often.

The entire lot will need to be resurfaced about once every ten years. This adds up to about 80 percent of the initial cost of installation.

Cracks in asphalt are more common than in concrete. With concrete, construction companies use expansion joints to minimize cracking. The maintenance for a concrete lot consists of maintaining these expansion joints.

To maintain the beauty of your concrete parking lot, oil or grease spills will need to be cleaned.


Concrete is 100 percent recyclable. This saves on landfill space while reducing the need for gravel mining. This conserves our natural resources and saves on water, oil, and gas.

The low maintenance of concrete reduces the use of heavy construction equipment resulting in less diesel fuel used.

A concrete parking area results in lower temperatures during the summer months. This means lower cooling costs for the adjoining buildings.

A doctor's office or veterinarian's office should consider the temperature of their parking lot. Walking on the hot pavement could be dangerous for both animals and humans.

A Concrete Parking Lot is Stronger and Lasts Longer

Concrete parking lot costs are higher to begin with. But they last significantly longer which makes this a smart investment.

Before construction begins, an analysis of the site will determine how many vehicles it can hold. The American Concrete Institute provides a set of guidelines to determine the thickness for both overlays and brand new construction.

Concrete Reflects Light

Many parking lots are lit up at night for safety reasons. Building owners are keen to lower this expense.

Concrete reflects light three times better than asphalt. Not only will this make the parking lot safer, it will also save money on energy. This reduces the concrete parking lot cost over the long term.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete lots can be constructed using a variety of textured and colored patterns. The owner can even paint the lot to match the building or add their company's colors or logo.

Choose the Right Contractor for the Job

A concrete parking lot saves you money, is environmentally-friendly and looks great.

If you are ready to learn more about a concrete parking area for your business, our experts will inspect your property and discuss your options with you. We can help you to determine what paving material will work best for your needs.

Our experienced team uses only the highest quality products, as well as the latest technology to ensure a job well done.